RE: Packet length problems w/ WEP

From: Martin Whitlock (
Date: 2002-09-18 07:11:47 UTC

> The dmesg output you sent is not produced by 2002-09-12. Instead, it is
> from a somewhat older CVS snapshot.

Oops... I should have noticed this... Don't ask me how, but when I imported the 2002-09-12 release into my own cvs I somehow managed to update only _some_ of the files in the project. As a result, I ended up with half cvs snapshot and half 2002-09-12 release. Apparently this could do some nasty things with the driver. Funny though that I didn't get any compilation errors/warnings... Anyway, after doing a new import everything works great. Sorry to bother you all with this. (Btw, I hate cvs... ;-)

For interested I have answered Jouni's questions.


> Do you mean that the system crashed/rebooted immediately after getting
> that message? The dmesg log did show 'AP queue full' messages, but there
> was no reboot..

Sorry... Wasn't clear about that. I got like a hundred of those messages, and then a reboot without a warning.

> > wlan0: authentication: 00:05:4e:81:02:94 len=6, auth_alg=0,
> > auth_transaction=1,
> > status_code=0, fc=0x00b0
> > wlan0: AP trying to authenticate?
> Do you have other_ap_policy set to something else than 0? This message
> would indicate that the station 00:05:4e:81:02:94 was first noticed from
> a beacon frame and then it tried to authenticate. This could happen,
> e.g., with other_ap_policy=3 and station acting first in IBSS and then
> trying to associate with the AP.

Correct. other_ap_policy=2

> > wlan0: WEP decryption failed (SA=00:05:4e:81:01:fd)
> Is this related to the ping packet not getting through? What was the
> hwaddr of the device sending those packets? What card is in the station?
> What about the driver? Does the same test work with another AP?

This is definately related to the ping. The address belongs to the "pinging" client.


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