patches II

From: Gerald Britton (
Date: 2002-09-11 23:41:35 UTC

I've rediffed/resplit my patches a little bit against current CVS:

(01-flush_sched) Initial thinking toward fixing things so that yanking a live
pccard won't crash things. Scheduling queues ought to be flushed during close to ensure that we don't have any schedule_task() scheduled things still pending. This isn't a biggie, but it probably ought to be there. More thinking and fixing on this issue to come later.

(02-promisc) Rediff of previous patch.

(03-monitor) Rediff and addition of an ARPHRD_IEEE80211_HFA384X which is raw
RX/TX descriptor headers for receive and transmit. Currently it is setup to completely override the tx_control field on transmit. Receive seems to work, not well tested otherwise though. Definately a MUCH nicer struct to toy with than the big linux-wlan-ng struct.

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