Re: Bridging when in Managed mode

From: Martin Whitlock (
Date: 2002-09-06 11:25:27 UTC

Ted Phelps wrote:

>Martin Whitlock may have said:
>>Jouni has also implemented a "Repeter" mode with standard compliant
>>WDS frames that you might be able to use together with at least some
>>other brands' AP's.
>Has Intersil fixed their firmware bug? Last I heard, the firmware
>forced Jouni to use a slightly non-standard packet format to make it
>work at all, and therefore it wouldn't work with commercial APs. I'd
>love to hear that this is no longer the case :-)

As far as I've understood, the "Repeater" mode Jouni has implemented is yet another "workaround" the Intersil firmware problem. In "Repeater" mode standard compliant WDS frames are produced by the hostap driver, not by the f/w. As a result you should be able to put up a wds link to an AP who support standard WDS. The drawback, compared with a WDS link towards a HostAP-AP, is that you can't let other WLAN clients connect to the same interface.

I havn't been able to try "Repeater" mode out since I don't have a non-HostAP-AP who supports WDS (and there don't seem to be many of them around either). I did try to put up a WDS link towards an Intel, but as I had expected the Intel "WLAP" protocol doesn't seem to be standard WDS, even if the "WLAP" functionality is very similar to WDS. Has anyone successfully (or unsuccessfully...) used "Repeater" together with a commercial AP?


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