Unofficial prism2 firmware upgrade (1.4.9) - two methods

From: John Croft (
Date: 2002-08-29 23:52:51 UTC

Here's my contribution to the Documentation effort :-)

I have flashed three DLink DWL-520's (NIC: id=0x8013 v1.0.0) from

   PRI: '1.0.7' to '1.1.0'.
   STA: '1.3.[45]' to '1.4.9'.
You need a Windows box and drivers which can see the card.

I can vouch for the NetGate 1.4.9 firmware.

You'll need to check the dmesg when HostAP loads - read the NIC line - it tells you the type (the 4 hex digits above) of the prism card you have. Then read the PDF's in the file and decide which PRI and STA files you need to load into your card.

I always upgraded both at the same time, so I don't know if you can do one without the other.

I already documented one method (posted to the list) using AutoUpdate.exe and copying the firmware hex files into the C:\windows\system32 directory. You then run AutoUpdate from there and it flashes the firmware. It will probably also do it on reboot, but I didn't test this.

I've also used a second, more elegant method, using the generic Intersil OEM WinUpdate program (mentioned on the list) available in:

Ignore the actual firmware in the zip-exe and extract the program 'WinUpdate-0-5-1-0.exe' and install it. Load the PRI and STA hex files and click 'Update', then check for the new version using the menu.

I think both the AutoUpdate and the WinUpdate applications are smart enough to do the type checking to say that the DLink DWL-520 card is a type 0x8013 and won't let you load an image written for another type, but I'm *not* sure on this.



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