Re: Loading WEP Modules...Unresolved Symbols

From: Ted Phelps (
Date: 2002-08-29 12:56:36 UTC

"Ryan Abbenhuys" may have said:
> Could you perhaps step me through the installation process. For some reason
> time and time again I keep getting Unresolved Symbols in the 3 modules
> mentioned below. Even when I start on a completely new Redhat system with a
> fresh installation.

I had a similar problem, which might be related to what you're seeing. When I insert the card, cardmgr tries to load the hostap_cs module using modprobe. If that fails it falls back to using insmod, which won't work because it won't get the module dependencies, leaving you with a huge stack of unresolved symbols.

For me, modprobe was failing because I was setting parameters like other_ap_policy and ap_bridge_packets, which are now hostap.o rather than hostap_cs.o parameters. I've moved the above config into /etc/modules.conf with some success.

Last time I checked, the parameters were as follows:

hostap_cs.o: irq_mask, irq_list, ignore_cis_vcc, mtu, channel, essid,

             iw_mode, beacon_int, dtim_period, delay_enabled,
             disable_on_close, bus_master_threshold_rx and

hostap.o:    other_ap_policy, ap_max_inactivity, ap_bridge_packets,

Hope this helps...


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