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From: Jason Boxman (
Date: 2002-08-28 22:37:34 UTC

On Wednesday 28 August 2002 05:02 pm, Michael Codanti wrote:
> Brian Capouch wrote:
> > Yep. We're also playing around with NoCat, and to my mind right now the
> > two of them together are synergistically more than the sum of their
> > respective parts, and so if anyone on the list thinks that to be either
> > advisable (!! or stupid!!) I am thinking that doing them in tandem, sort
> > of glancing at one while doing the other, might be a Good Thing.
> I absolutely agree. There is some information about both HostAP and
> NoCatAuth on , but it isn't well organized so you
> have to sort of look for it.

I guess I better look at NoCatAuth -- I don't actually know what it is. ;)

> I would really like to see something that covers: (In my priority)
> 1) HostAP in AP mode
> 2) NoCatAuth
> 3) HostAP WDS features
> 4) Open1x (802.1x stuff)

That sounds good.

I was actually thinking,

What is HostAP?

Compiling and Installing

a) firmware that works (and doesn't)
b) OSes that work
c) steps for PCI (I have), PLX (I don't), PC Card (No laptop on Linux here 

HostAP in Master mode
a) Perhaps WDS, ect

HostAP in Managed and Ad-Hoc mode

Enabling WEP (I assume this'll be the same in Master/Managed/Ad-Hoc) a) perhaps a brief discussion on why WEP isn't that great

Adv topics, including 802.1X and HostAP with FreeRadius, that loading firmware into RAM thingy I don't know much about yet, ect

a) things like v1.4.2 firmware being broken b) how to flash your card

> I'm sure there is more but anything would be a great start!
> Michael


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