Re: comprehensive documentation

From: Michael Codanti (
Date: 2002-08-28 21:02:26 UTC

Brian Capouch wrote:
> Yep. We're also playing around with NoCat, and to my mind right now the
> two of them together are synergistically more than the sum of their
> respective parts, and so if anyone on the list thinks that to be either
> advisable (!! or stupid!!) I am thinking that doing them in tandem, sort
> of glancing at one while doing the other, might be a Good Thing.

I absolutely agree. There is some information about both HostAP and NoCatAuth on , but it isn't well organized so you have to sort of look for it.

I would really like to see something that covers: (In my priority)

  1. HostAP in AP mode
  2. NoCatAuth
  3. HostAP WDS features
  4. Open1x (802.1x stuff)

I'm sure there is more but anything would be a great start!


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