Re: Problems with Linksys and Orinoco clients

From: Kučírek Jiří (
Date: 2002-08-14 11:28:34 UTC



I have also problem with Orinoco PCMCIA Gold card and Linksys WMP11. I upgrade firmware WMP11 to PRI 1.01.00 and STA 1.04.09.

WMP11 can't connect to Orinoco AP-500 and can't connect to Orinoco PCMCIA in Ad-hoc mode.

When configure Linksys as AP ( last hostAP from CVS, wireless extension v15, krnel 2.5.31, Master mode), all looks good, but client (WinXP) with Orinoco PCMCIA card can't connect to this AP. WMP11 transmit packets, but don't recive any packets.

When I try connect my client with WinXP against AP-500, communication was OK.

Do you have any idea to this problem?  

Many thanks  


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