Problems with Linksys and Orinoco clients

From: Aron Silverton (
Date: 2002-08-09 22:01:30 UTC

Hi all,

I put together a HostAP using FreeBSD 4.6-Release in about twenty minutes last night. The FreeBSD box is using a Linksys PCI WMP11 card with firmware: PRI 1.01.00 and STA 1.04.02. I was up and running immediately with a Win2k client using a Cisco Aironet 350 card.

I have since tried using a Linksys WPC11 and an ORiNOCO Gold in my Win2k client without any success.

The WPC11:

The WPC11 (version 3) has firmware 1.03.04. I'm not sure if the firmware could be causing problems or not, but I tried to upgrade it to PRI 1.1.0 and STA 1.4.2 from the Linksys support site. The upgrade goes fine, but when I try to activate the card I get the following message:

"The firmware of the card is not suitable or too old for running on your environment. The utility is going to update the firmware of you card"

At which point the firmware utility box pops up and my card is downgraded to: PRI 1.0.5 and STA 1.3.4.


I can't get this to do much of anything unless I put it into adhoc mode. In adhoc mode it sees the HostAP, but I don't manage to get an IP address from my server. The DHCP bit works find with the Aironet card as the client.

The ORiNOCO Gold:

I upgraded the firmware on this card to 8.10, but it doesn't even seem to see the AP at all.

Here is some configuration information: (I'm not worried about my MAC address being out there...)

NIC serial number:                      [ 0123456789   ]
Station name:                           [ MALACHAI-AP ]
SSID for IBSS creation:                 [ myssid ]
Current netname (SSID):                 [ myssid ]
Desired netname (SSID):                 [ myssid ]
Current BSSID:                          [ 00:06:25:08:f5:72 ]
Channel list:                           [ 2047 ]
IBSS channel:                           [ 6 ]
Current channel:                        [ 6 ]
Comms quality/signal/noise:             [ 0 81 27 ]
Promiscuous mode:                       [ Off ]
Port type (1=BSS, 3=ad-hoc):            [ 6 ]
MAC address:                            [ 00:06:25:08:f5:72 ]
TX rate (selection):                    [ 3 ]
TX rate (actual speed):                 [ 2 ]
RTS/CTS handshake threshold:            [ 2347 ]
Create IBSS:                            [ Off ]
Access point density:                   [ 1 ]
Power Mgmt (1=on, 0=off):               [ 0 ]
Max sleep time:                         [ 100 ]
WEP encryption:                         [ Off ]
TX encryption key:                      [ 1 ]
Encryption keys:                        [  ][  ][  ][  ]

Am I missing something on my HostAP side? Is anybody out there familiar with these cards under Win2k and is there something basic that I am not configuring correctly? How about the firmware downgrade on the Linksys?

I can send more detailed information as necessary. Thanks in advance for any help.


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