Best Prism card?

From: James A. Crippen (
Date: 2002-08-12 17:00:27 UTC

I have two 802.11b cards which I'd like to use, and no AP. Instead of spending money on a proprietary AP I would like to have one that I can hack. Unfortunately neither of the two cards I have is supported by the hostap driver (one is a Cisco Aironet and the other is a Symbol).

My question to the list is which brand of Prism card is the best? Spare no expense here. I'd like 200mW, good sensitivity, etc. I realize that some brands of Prism cards are pretty lame, with power outputs of only 25mW, poor receiver sensitivity, a high noise floor, and other warts. Instead of getting stuck with something that I'd later regret (and have to get rid of on eBay) I'd like to know the
'professional' opinions.


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