Re: Has anyone tried DWL-500 (i.e., DWL-650 + PLX Ricoh RL5c475)

From: Broder Schuemann (
Date: 2002-08-03 09:59:30 UTC

hi, ..

On Fri, 2 Aug 2002 14:54:46 -0700
Jun Sun <> wrote:

> An inital try seems to indicate negative answer. The README file says
> hostap_plx.o only supports PLX9052-based PCI adapters. Does that mean
> this one is out of luck?

no, not at all. the ricoh bridge acts as a full pcmcia bridge. that means you can use the DWL500 with hostap_cs.o just like a regular card in a notebook. it is even hot-pluggable.

works fine for me, altough i have some of the 'usual' problems (on a uni-processor machine):

the 'stable' driver causes 'resetting card [..] res=-110' under heavy traffic load, and the cvs version gives me the kernel oops (others on the list reported). but it works like a charm using the cvs version from '1 month ago' ..

good luck,


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