broadcasting ssid

From: Mike Machado (
Date: 2002-07-29 20:01:16 UTC

I am trying to disable the broadcasting of the ssid. I know you can 'iwconfig wlan0 essid Any' to allow any ssid to associate, but I have specifically set a different ssid with 'iwconfig wlan0 essid myssid', but it is still broadcasting this to clients. I had my linux laptop associate with my HostAP with never even telling it the ssid. I can disable this by selecting 'Do not broadcast SSID' on my aironet access points. How do I do this same thing with HostAP?

I tried 'iwconfig wlan0 essid off' thinking internally that will accomplish what I want, but that yields an 'Invalid Argument'.

Mike Machado
InnerCite Inc.
Engineering Director / CTO

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