network performance

From: Jun Sun (
Date: 2002-07-29 18:47:26 UTC

I did a couple of netperf tests with hostap driver (in managed mode). I am curious if these numbers are normal and expected or there are something wrong here.

test 1:

                        802.11 100Mb/s ether
mobile client(hostap) --------> netgear AP --------> workstation

(netperf) (netserver)

In this case, simple TCP stream test gives about 4.5Mb/s

test 2:

                        802.11               802.11
mobile client1(hostap) --------> netgear AP --------> mobile sta 2(hostap)

(netperf) (netserver)

In this case, TCP stream gives about 1.3Mb/s.

In both cases, the wlan0 shows we are having 11Mb/s connections.

Are those numbers in the line with expections?


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