From: Richard Powell (richard_at_powell.co.za)
Date: 2002-07-25 12:02:41 UTC

Lo all,  

I was just reading through the documentation again and I browsed over the encryption section again..  

>>From what I can understand it seems possible to use any other encryption
algorithm over the wireless network by using the appropriate module. This means that instead of using WEP (which has been proven to be useless) we could use SSL at a good 1024bit? If so, that would be excellent :-) Also, the host processor would take the load of the encryption and not the wireless card. We could even use soekris' idea of getting their hardware encryption mini-pci card to do the encryption and therefore dodge any slow downs caused by encryption and end up with a very strong encryption scheme?  

Another thing, surely the clients connecting to the linux ap would also have to use the hostap driver. therefore it would mean all clients would have to be using cards with prism2 and a form of unix.. then the normal issue comes in to play, most of my clients run winblows. :-(  

I await your thoughts.  



Richard Powell (richard_at_powell.co.za)


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