help with new installation - GetNextTuple: No more items

From: Eric L. Santelices (
Date: 2002-07-22 03:32:41 UTC

Running Stock RedHat 7.3, I did the following on a new install:

basic install
Kernel development package installed during build. built kernel2.4.18-3custom (this is what redhat calls it) rebooted on new kernel (2.4.18-3custom)
in Prism2-2002-05-19 I typed make pccard then make pccard_install
removed DLink DWL-650 card
/etc/init.d/pcmcia restart
insert DWL-650

here is what i get in messages. any suggestions? Looks like the driver loads properly, but I get the GetNextTuple error. then a Resource unavailable

Jul 21 19:26:08 wap cardmgr[2837]: socket 1: D-Link DWL-650 11Mbps WLAN Card
Jul 21 19:26:09 wap cardmgr[2837]: executing: 'modprobe hostap_cs' Jul 21 19:26:09 wap kernel: hostap_cs: hostap_cs.c 0.0.0 2002-05-19 (SSH Communications Security Corp, Jouni Malinen) Jul 21 19:26:09 wap kernel: hostap_cs: (c) SSH Communications Security Corp <>
Jul 21 19:26:09 wap kernel: hostap_cs: GetNextTuple: No more items Jul 21 19:26:10 wap cardmgr[2837]: get dev info on socket 1 failed: Resource temporarily unavailable

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