Re: Linksys WMP-11: problems with firmware revisions

From: Mike Machado (
Date: 2002-07-15 16:52:25 UTC

Both of the below cards work great in managed and master mode

DWL-520 PCI Card:

NIC: 1.0.0
PRI: 1.0.5
STA: 1.3.4

Generic 200mW Prism2.5 PCMCIA:

NIC: 1.0.0
PRI: 1.0.4
STA: 1.0.3

On Sun, 2002-07-14 at 23:40, Jouni Malinen wrote:
> I didn't get the Sputnik gatewaydevel list email from Stan Chesnutt
> through the mailing list (apparently due to list problems), but just
> noticed it in wep archives without any replies. So, no quote here..
> I can confirm that secondary firmware version 1.4.2 does not seem to
> work correctly in Host AP mode. Everything looks otherwise fine, but it
> does not reply to probe request frames and this will prevent more or
> less all stations from associating with the AP.
> When I asked Intersil support about this, they recommended testing with
> the latest secondary firmware version (1.4.9 at that time).
> Unfortunately, I do not have access to Intersil Premier site for
> firmware images and I do not happen to know any other place from where
> this image would be available. I have thus not been able to confirm
> whether later versions fix this issue with Host AP mode.
> I have tested secondary v1.3.5 successfully and v1.4.2 unsuccessfully.
> In addition, I have heard a report of Host AP mode working with v1.3.6.
> I do not have data for v1.3.x (with x > 6) or v1.4.y (with y != 2). If
> anyone has access to such firmware versions, I would be pleased to hear
> reports on whether they work (i.e., at least so far that stations can
> associate with them) in Host AP mode. I could then change the Host AP
> driver to report non-working firmware versions and suggest up or
> downgrading them for Host AP operations.
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