Re: Linksys WMP-11: problems with firmware revisions

From: Jouni Malinen (
Date: 2002-07-15 06:40:37 UTC

I didn't get the Sputnik gatewaydevel list email from Stan Chesnutt through the mailing list (apparently due to list problems), but just noticed it in wep archives without any replies. So, no quote here..

I can confirm that secondary firmware version 1.4.2 does not seem to work correctly in Host AP mode. Everything looks otherwise fine, but it does not reply to probe request frames and this will prevent more or less all stations from associating with the AP.

When I asked Intersil support about this, they recommended testing with the latest secondary firmware version (1.4.9 at that time). Unfortunately, I do not have access to Intersil Premier site for firmware images and I do not happen to know any other place from where this image would be available. I have thus not been able to confirm whether later versions fix this issue with Host AP mode.

I have tested secondary v1.3.5 successfully and v1.4.2 unsuccessfully. In addition, I have heard a report of Host AP mode working with v1.3.6. I do not have data for v1.3.x (with x > 6) or v1.4.y (with y != 2). If anyone has access to such firmware versions, I would be pleased to hear reports on whether they work (i.e., at least so far that stations can associate with them) in Host AP mode. I could then change the Host AP driver to report non-working firmware versions and suggest up or downgrading them for Host AP operations.

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