Re: SMC Barricade / Actiontec PCI and hostap_pci

From: Jonathan Gittos (
Date: 2002-07-15 10:47:23 UTC

OK - For the sake of the record I've stumbled on a fix which essentially consisted of simplifying and hard-wiring the routing between the SMC Barricade and and the router that handles the public net. Why Linux over wireless should stumble on routing that Windows coped with I'm not sure but it all now works perfectly.

In the process I tried the latest version of the linux-wlan-ng (which worked fine) and orinoco (which didn't) drivers and concluded that hostap_pci seemed to have the best throughput and coped best with apm suspends etc.

Many thanks for all the suggestions


On Thursday 11 July 2002 18:42, Pavel Roskin wrote:
> Hi, Jonathan!
> > OK - To teach me to be more humble after the recent success I crowed
> > about on my T23 Thinkpad with hostap_pci I've now hit a "weird" problem.
> Possibly unrelated, but I'm a bit surprized by your choice of hostap_pci
> to use as a station. Both Orinoco and linux-wlan-ng drivers support PCI
> cards now, and they are designed to work as clients.
> > Bought an SMC Barricade Wireless Broadband Router SMC7004AWBR(despite the
> > glorious name its just an ethernet hub + wireless basestation) to share
> > an ADSL connection.
> Truth to be said, it also does network address translation and has a web
> interface. Not your average hub.
> > Symptoms are as follows: T23 picks up the Barricade fine and finds a
> > healthy signal, picks up the ESSID and configures its IP address from
> > the barricades DHCP server. Its even possible to ping the Barricade from
> > the T23 with impressively tiny response times. HOWEVER its impossible to
> > ping / browse past the barricade to any other machine attached to it or
> > to the public internet. Seems as though the Barricade is refusing to
> > masquerade / forward any of the packets from the SuSE box.
> Please try "Clone MAC" in the web interface. Check if Barricade is
> connected to the net.
> > To be clear it will do it if the same box / laptop is booted into Win2K.
> Maybe SMC Barricade somehow figures out that it should clone the MAC
> address of your laptop if it runs Win2k? Just a thought.

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