Re: SMC Barricade / Actiontec PCI and hostap_pci

From: Pavel Roskin (
Date: 2002-07-11 18:42:28 UTC

Hi, Jonathan!

> OK - To teach me to be more humble after the recent success I crowed about
> on my T23 Thinkpad with hostap_pci I've now hit a "weird" problem.

Possibly unrelated, but I'm a bit surprized by your choice of hostap_pci to use as a station. Both Orinoco and linux-wlan-ng drivers support PCI cards now, and they are designed to work as clients.

> Bought an SMC Barricade Wireless Broadband Router SMC7004AWBR(despite the
> glorious name its just an ethernet hub + wireless basestation) to share an
> ADSL connection.

Truth to be said, it also does network address translation and has a web interface. Not your average hub.

> Symptoms are as follows: T23 picks up the Barricade fine and finds a
> healthy signal, picks up the ESSID and configures its IP address from
> the barricades DHCP server. Its even possible to ping the Barricade from
> the T23 with impressively tiny response times. HOWEVER its impossible to
> ping / browse past the barricade to any other machine attached to it or
> to the public internet. Seems as though the Barricade is refusing to
> masquerade / forward any of the packets from the SuSE box.

Please try "Clone MAC" in the web interface. Check if Barricade is connected to the net.

> To be clear it will do it if the same box / laptop is booted into Win2K.

Maybe SMC Barricade somehow figures out that it should clone the MAC address of your laptop if it runs Win2k? Just a thought.

Pavel Roskin

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