Re: hostap in both BSS and IBSS mode?

From: Jim Thompson (
Date: 2002-07-12 16:36:52 UTC

Jouni Malinen writes:

> If AP and IBSS (i.e., _not_ pseudo ad hoc) is needed, one could try
> to avoid being the STA sending beacons for IBSS. However, I
> have not studied IBSS beacon part of IEEE 802.11 thoroughly enough
> to say whether this is possible without breaking something.

I'm not sure that IBSS beacons are requisite.

> > Are there any further thoughts or developments on this front?
> I have designed a test system that would use Host AP mode so
> that wlan0 would be the AP and then there would be another
> netdev (like wlan0sta) that would associate with another AP (i.e.,
> host driver-based auth&assoc). I haven't yet implemented this, but all
> the needed changes look quite straightforward. In other words, I hope to
> test this at some point.

I look forward to testing this as well.

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