Re: hostap in both BSS and IBSS mode?

From: Lenders Vincent (
Date: 2002-07-19 10:18:05 UTC


I was also thinking about the possibilty to run BSS mode and IBSS mode simultaneously. My purpose would be to "bridge" an Access Point and station in ad hoc modus with only one WLAN card.

This would require the card to work in BSS and IBSS mode simultaneously but also to switch constantly from channel (the channel of the base station and the channel of the ad hoc station). The "bridge" would have to maintain two connections on two different channels simultaneously!! Is this basically possible? If this is basically possible, one could also think of a joining two access points simultaneously with one card.


> There were some hints a few months back (from Jouni) that the hostap
driver might be able to
> support both BSS (AP) mode an IBSS ('ad hoc') mode simultaneously.

> However after a carefull reading, the Intersil docs seems to imply
that Port 0 is either in BSS or
> IBSS mode, but not both.
> Are there any further thoughts or developments on this front?

> Jim

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