Re: SMC Barricade / Actiontec PCI and hostap_pci

From: Mike Machado (
Date: 2002-07-11 21:18:39 UTC


> HostAP has been working great as a station for me on my T23 and is nice if
> you're going to be moving around in a wide variety of network situations. It
> also has a much nicer monitoring setup than either the orinoco or wlan-ng
> drivers.
> -- Gerald

Not to mention a fairly complete wireless extensions implementation. The wlan-ng stuff is kind of a pain after being spoiled by wireless extensions, especially since debian has integrated the wireless extensions options directly in the interfaces(5) file.

I have devices I deploy in AP mode or STA mode, so being able to use the same driver for both makes supporting them a lot nicer.

Mike Machado
InnerCite Inc.
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