Association problems with the dlink dwl-650

From: John Bellardo (
Date: 2002-07-02 00:04:30 UTC


        I'm having the following problem with my dlink dwl-650, and I'm hoping someone on this list has some insight.

        I'm using the hostapd process (and matching hostap driver). I've modified hostapd to associate with my local access point on startup. This means I'm running the card in master mode, and having hostapd generate the correct packet sequence to associate with an access point (other than my master). Authentication (open system) works correctly. I generate the association request, and the AP responds successfully with the aid. BUT, immediately after my machine receives the association response it generates a deauthentication frame (reason 3), which prevents further use of the association. I've searched the hostapd/driver code up and down, and I am very confident neither of them are generating the deauthentication frame. That leaves me thinking the firmware is at fault. I would like to somehow suppress the deauthentication frame from being sent.

        Does anyone have any experience with this? I was under the impression that when a port was in hostap mode the firmware doesn't process/respond to management packets. I observe the same behavior in pseudo ibss mode. Any help would be appreciated.



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