Re: Does hostAP driver support roaming between the access points?

From: Jon-Olov Vatn (
Date: 2002-06-28 11:11:52 UTC

28 June 2002 Jouni Malinen wrote:
> I haven't yet implemented IAPP so old AP will not get information about
> stations moving to another AP (this is why ap_bridge_packets should be
> disabled), but this could be added at some point to speedup possible
> connectivity delayes during handoff (e.g., when two stations are using
> the same AP and are sending packets to each other while one moves to
> another AP).

Are you planning to implement an IAPP? If so, that would be great! My own interest in the IAPP would be for transfering host specific keys (negotiated by use of 802.1X) between trusted APs in order to improve handover performance if 802.1X is used in an 802.11 environment.
My plan was/is to implement a simple version of an IAPP based on a (rejected) draft from the IEEE 802 Task group f and integrate it with the hostAP code, but I'm not (yet) that experienced as a programmer and it would/will take me some time to finish it.

By the way, does anyone out there have any experience with running the open1x projects 802.1X implementation together with hostAP? (For more info on the open1x project, see


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