Re : Patch for collecting SSID from other APs

From: Jean Tourrilhes (
Date: 2002-06-12 20:54:07 UTC

Bruce Oscarson wrote :
> Hostap using the prism2 drivers supports an extension to record
> information about other APs on the same frequency. The feature can
> be enabled via: iwpriv wlan0 prism2_param 8 2
> Information about the other APs is recorded
> /proc/net/prism2/... files, named with the mac address of the other
> AP. The SSID of the other APs was captured by the driver, but was
> never recorded. In addition, once an AP's beacon was sensed, the
> proc file would linger as long as the hostap was running. I've
> attached to small patch files for prism2_ap.c and prism2_ap.h that
> record the AP ssid in the /proc file and will age ap entries using
> the same rules as client stations.

        For the last few months, Wireless Extensions has included an API for scanning, that allow to dump various info about Access Points in a flexible manner.

        When you are in AP mode, you could use the above information and feed it to Wireless Extensions. Actually, I'm curious on well it would fit my current architecture and what attributes I would need to add for you ;-).

        When you are in station mode, you could just cut'n'paste the code availalble in my orinoco patch (actually, I could give you tips on the RID version for PrismII which might be cleaner).

	For more info in scanning :
		o The command is : iwlist wlan0 scan
		o see man page/source code
		o patches available here :

	Have fun...


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