Re: Cisco VPN / hostap incompatibility?

From: Colin Palmer (
Date: 2002-06-12 23:43:56 UTC

On 12 Jun 2002, Cyrus Behroozi wrote:

> Negotiating security policies.
> Securing communication channel.
> Remote peer terminated connection.
> Any ideas?

Does it work if you try to connect to the VPN concentrator without using the wireless card?

I've seen the same problem with the Linux client and it was actually due to the concentrator having a mandantory firewall policy and terminating the connection when the Linux VPN client reported it couldn't apply that. Creating a new login group on the Cisco that didn't have the firewall policy worked. Also, I'm using IPSEC-over-IP tunnel mode right now because there's a NAT gateway between my wireless network and the internet.

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