Re: Host AP driver - stable branch

From: Xam R. Time (
Date: 2002-05-19 19:21:32 UTC

I'll pipe in, and concur.

Jouni's been one of the most attentive developers I've ever known, and most of the fixes I've seen get released are within the day (usually the hour). I don't know that a stable branch would afford much beyond less input from those testing.

In other cases users becoming unsuspecting beta testers might be frowned upon, but I would imagine hostAP isn't attracting a very basic audience. Anyway, this gets your more important code in front of more eyes (as it's the only code out there). Thus, I'd imagine if you don't find the problem(s), there's a better chance someone might.


On Sun, 19 May 2002, Jim Thompson wrote:

> Personally, as one of those companies who are using hostap in a commercial
> product, I have no trouble following the current releases, and incorporating
> the driver (we're still on a mid-April release, but its stable as heck!)
> as we deem it 'good enough'.
> So, I have little use for the 'stable' branch. But thats just me.

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