WEP+: In hardware, firmware, or software?

From: Brian Capouch (brianc_at_palaver.net)
Date: 2002-04-20 01:32:32 UTC

Wondering if anyone out there could comment on the "vulnerability situation" of the WEP that has been recently added to the HostAP driver.

My understanding is that the fix is in firmware (a la WEP+ that Lucent claims is now in their Prism cards) and if that is the case then the question would be what is in the current Prism2 firmware.

Someone else suggested that no, the solution is in key selection, and that is a software function and so then the question would be what support is in the HostAP driver in that respect.

I tend to believe the former, but then again I tend to believe whatever would be the outcome I would most like to see.

Can anyone comment?

Thanks in advance.


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