unlock channels for wlan card

From: Martin Nenov (cabelito_at_rtsonline.net)
Date: 2002-04-20 08:28:32 UTC

is it possible to unlock the card to be able to use channel 13 and channel 14 . I have currently 3 card which are all joining 1 AP 2 of the cards has firmware 0.8.3 and these cards are able to use channel 13, but not able to use channel 14
the other card is with firmware 0.7.6 and it is not able to use channel 13 and 14 both.
can this be patched with some PDA or I dunno what... I didnt have wireless tools ( iwpriv and everything iw* ) I'm using linux-wlan-ng and I have mostly PLX adapters and some real pcmcia. I'm not sure if I'm subscribed to the list, so if possible to mail me @ cabelito_at_rtsonline.net
thanks in advance

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