Re: wireless-tools are unavailable when interface is down

From: Xam R. Time (
Date: 2002-04-13 16:09:09 UTC

> Well.. It would probably be possible to decipher the contents of the
> frames, but as long as firmware does not pass them to the driver (in
> other than monitor mode), knowing the frame format would not be very
> helpful.

Maybe it's time that the Open-source community as a whole looks at a simple protocol to communicate quality data in a less-low level way?

While this might get close to re-inventing the wheel (when we allready have SNMP .. wait, ok, maybe we should reinvent the wheel), what other simple non-low-level ways are there to distribute far-end recieved signal information?

In my mind, the ideal way to get this data out there is through non-IP means, and resitricted to a single BSS (not a collected ESS full of repeaters and other vodoo).


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