Re: wireless-tools are unavailable when interface is down

From: Andy Warner (
Date: 2002-04-14 00:32:33 UTC

Jouni Malinen wrote:
> [...]
> It's not in the beacon frames, but most probably in the data frame
> that Prism2 firmware handled itself.
> > I wonder if it would pay to sniff a few of the frames the lucent AP
> > sends a client card. Hopefully it contains the S/N and other quality
> > data the AP is seeing from the client. Wish I had an RG-1000 lying
> > arround to test on, or some compliant lucent AP.
> Well.. It would probably be possible to decipher the contents of the
> frames, but as long as firmware does not pass them to the driver (in
> other than monitor mode), knowing the frame format would not be very
> helpful.

In the dim, dark, back of my mind - I seem to remember these being UDP packets. I'd have to snoop some packets to validate that theory, but I'll throw it out there for discussion before I've done the experiment.


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