Re: prism2ethereal

From: Masanori Nakahara (
Date: 2002-03-22 02:24:54 UTC

Hi Jouni,

   Thank you for your advice.

> prism2ethereal uses monitor mode 1 just like wlansniff. It is supposed
> (haven't tested it for a while ;-)) to create a dump file (to stdout?)
> that can be read to Ethereal.

 I see.
 Although I tried to use prism2ethereal on monitor 1, it generated a dump  file to stdout which gets garbled.

> Monitor mode 2 changes the wlan0 device to include 802.11 header so
> that it can be sniffed directly, e.g., using Ethereal, so that there
> is no need for temporary files. This requires quite new version of
> libpcap. In addition, this does not include the Prism2 specific RX
> header (that has, e.g., signal quality info, etc.).

 I found new thing....
 When I run "iwpriv wlan0 monitor 1 or 2", the driver looks buggy:  sometime miss associate access point or change essid to "test", ..etc.  Is it possible to use iwpriv monitor 1 or 2 on Managed network?  Are there any restriction to use monitor mode ?

 I appreciate any feedback.


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