Re: NETDEV WATCHDOG: wlan0: transmit timed out

From: Andreas Schiller (
Date: 2002-03-21 19:33:20 UTC


you nearly saved my life...

>> Hi All,
>> When I started up Compaq WL200 PCI Card using driver from
>> Periodically, the error message " NETDEV WATCHDOG: wlan0 transmit timed
>> prism2: wlan0 Tx timed out! Resetting card
>> prism2: wlan0: resetting card" was printed.
>> Who could help me resolve the problem? Thanks a lot.
>Are you loading the i82365.o module with the parameter irq_mode=1 ?

I tried some days & nights throughout the last weeks, since I bought a package with 1 PCMCIA card and a PCI card from LG Electronics (LW1100N and LW1100P). On the box was a label that told me, they are support on Linux.

Needless to say there wasn't any hints nor drivers on the cd coming with the cards.

But with the help of this great community on "the net", the PCMCIA version on my notebook really soon came to life. I tried the pci card on a windoze (with drivers on cd) and so I knew it worked.

But hours and hours and even more hours I spent to get the pci card to work on Linux. (Don't think that someone at LG could - or wanted - to help, I nearly brought the package back to my local dealer...)

Somehow I stumbled over this thread and gave it a try... and suddenly...

(I thought already there could be a problem with the irq, because lspci showed that the pcmcia bridge was using irq 10, but I couldn't get prism2_cs to use irq 10)

Anyhow. Now it works and I hope I will sleep again without dreaming of wlan boards :-)

Greetings from Diekholzen, Germany
Andreas Schiller

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