Re: WDS ping

From: Jim Thompson (
Date: 2002-03-14 02:19:22 UTC

Jouni Malinen writes:

> I might also check whether it would be feasible to implement AP
> functionality in an ad hoc mode, i.e., by taking care of beacon and
> probe response frames in addition to the other Host AP mode
> functionality. This would bring more timing constraint for the host
> driver, but this might be doable and it would avoid certain Host AP
> mode related problems.
> I would like to use pseudo ad hoc mode for this, but it will probably
> not support RTS/CTS frames so real IBSS might be better, although
> there will probably be bogus beacon frames (unless card RAM cannot be
> easily corrupted, e.g., by using a buffer overflow with a certain rid
> ;-)).

if you can find a way of generating beacon frames outside the firmware's control, and responding to probes, I have some really cute hacks in-mind.


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