Re: WDS ping

From: Jim Thompson (
Date: 2002-03-04 04:57:44 UTC

	On Sun, Mar 03, 2002 at 03:20:04AM -0600, Jim Thompson wrote:

> I'd love to look at the code. Routing isn't *always* possible.
> Jim
Could you name some your top instances of this?

The main one is 'wireless extension'.

    ethernet <--> WDS <--> WDS <--> WDS <--> ethernet

	        One in particular i'm thinking of is where i have an antenna
	shooting into a coffee house down the street, and want to put an openap
	in there, but have my dhcp server in my apartment.  So forwarding dhcp
	requests from openap to smc(prism2 card) card in pc sitting by window
	is what i desire.  I have set up an openap and am getting familiar
	with what it can/can't do.  Possibly i could forward the request via
	routing foo or the linux regular ethernet bridging but then the only
	device i'm going to have is the prism card in the openap so probably
	i'm stuck with WDS 802.11 foo, but still figuring.

In this instance you can run a DHCP relay on the openap box inside the coffee shop, and have the dhcp server in your apartment service the requests.

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