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* mka: Add helper functions for dumping and creating peerSabrina Dubroca2016-08-281-29/+36
* mka: Clean up ieee802_1x_kay_get_cipher_suite() lookup functionSabrina Dubroca2016-08-281-4/+2
* mka: Refactor the get_*_peer() functionsSabrina Dubroca2016-08-281-20/+27
* mka: Fix a typo in mka_body_handler (mak to mka)Sabrina Dubroca2016-08-281-12/+12
* mka: Add a helper function, sci_equal(), for sci comparisonSabrina Dubroca2016-08-281-10/+13
* mka: Use less bitfields in the IEEE 802.1X-2010 structsSabrina Dubroca2016-08-281-68/+68
* mka: Fix a typo in macsec_capbilitySabrina Dubroca2016-08-282-10/+10
* mka: Fix use after freeSabrina Dubroca2016-08-071-0/+1
* mka: Add check for body length when decoding peersSabrina Dubroca2016-08-071-0/+12
* mka: Avoid reading past the end of mka_body_handlerSabrina Dubroca2016-08-071-1/+2
* mka: Return u8 from get_mka_param_body_type()Jouni Malinen2016-08-071-4/+4
* mka: Add error handling around ieee802_1x_kay_move_live_peer()Sabrina Dubroca2016-08-071-3/+6
* mka: Avoid inconsistent state in ieee802_1x_kay_move_live_peer()Sabrina Dubroca2016-08-071-4/+5
* mka: Fix length when encoding SAK-useSabrina Dubroca2016-08-071-1/+1
* mka: Fix memory leak in ieee802_1x_kay_create_live_peer() error pathSabrina Dubroca2016-08-071-2/+4
* mka: Fix multiple key server election bugsSabrina Dubroca2016-08-071-23/+14
* PAE: Use big endian version in current_peer_id.mn to be more consistentJouni Malinen2016-06-241-3/+4
* PAE: Use sci->port more consistentlyJouni Malinen2016-06-241-3/+3
* PAE: Mark ieee802_1x_kay_deinit_data_key() staticJouni Malinen2016-06-231-1/+1
* PAE: Use be16/be32 instead of u16/u32 for spartseJouni Malinen2016-06-233-23/+28
* MACsec: Update protect frames and replay on reauthenticationXiaofei Shen2014-12-091-0/+3
* MACsec: Fix policy configurationJouni Malinen2014-10-301-2/+2
* MACsec: Check os_get_random() return valueJouni Malinen2014-10-111-7/+18
* AES: Extend key wrap design to support longer AES keysJouni Malinen2014-10-071-2/+2
* MACsec: Use os_memcmp_const() for hash/password comparisonsJouni Malinen2014-07-021-2/+3
* MACsec: Add PAE implementationHu Wang2014-05-0910-0/+5710