path: root/src/eap_server/eap_sim_db.h
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* eap_sim_db: Implement eap_sim_db_expire_pending()Frederic Leroy2015-10-311-1/+1
* EAP-SIM DB: Use pointer to struct eap_sim_db_data instead of void*Jouni Malinen2012-09-011-18/+27
* EAP-SIM DB: Use char* strings instead of u8* pointer and lengthJouni Malinen2012-09-011-23/+15
* EAP-SIM DB: Remove unused eap_sim_db_identity_known()Jouni Malinen2012-09-011-3/+0
* EAP-SIM server: Store permanent username in session dataJouni Malinen2012-09-011-0/+2
* EAP-SIM DB: Remove unnecessary aka_prime parameterJouni Malinen2012-09-011-1/+0
* EAP-AKA': Update to RFC 5448Jouni Malinen2012-05-021-3/+14
* Remove the GPL notification from files contributed by Jouni MalinenJouni Malinen2012-02-111-8/+2
* Move EAP-SIM DB conditional build into hostapdJouni Malinen2009-12-061-16/+0
* Fix EAP-AKA server build without EAP-SIMJouni Malinen2009-10-111-3/+3
* Rename EAP server defines from EAP_* to EAP_SERVER_*Jouni Malinen2009-03-251-3/+3
* EAP-AKA': Derive keys using the new KDF (PRF')Jouni Malinen2008-12-031-0/+8
* Re-initialize hostapd/wpa_supplicant git repository based on 0.6.3 releaseJouni Malinen2008-02-281-0/+99