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* Fix CSA related IEs orderAndrei Otcheretianski2015-10-031-1/+2
* Move HT CSA related IE functionAndrei Otcheretianski2015-10-031-0/+22
* Simplify HT Capabilities element parsingJouni Malinen2015-04-221-2/+1
* Rename HT 20/40 coex variable to be more descriptiveJouni Malinen2015-03-301-7/+7
* AP: Unset HT capabilities for an HT association request without WMMIlan Peer2015-03-251-2/+6
* Fix 20/40 MHz co-ex report processing with obss_interval=0Jouni Malinen2015-02-031-1/+2
* HT: More robust 20/40 coex Action frame parsingJouni Malinen2014-12-221-12/+36
* HT: Fix 20/40 coex Action frame parsingJouni Malinen2014-12-221-1/+1
* HT: Use cleaner way of generating pointer to a field (CID 68097)Jouni Malinen2014-06-121-4/+2
* Add AP mode support for HT 20/40 co-ex Action framePeng Xu2014-04-291-0/+111
* hostapd: Extend support for HT 20/40 coexistence featurePeng Xu2014-04-291-0/+63
* Document and rename HT Capability/Operation fieldsJouni Malinen2014-04-071-20/+17
* hostapd: Supply default parameters for OBSS scanPaul Stewart2014-03-141-1/+14
* Remove unnecessary variable initializationJouni Malinen2014-03-021-1/+0
* Remove obsolete license notificationsJouni Malinen2013-12-241-8/+2
* Include driver.h in hostapd.hAndrei Otcheretianski2013-12-241-1/+0
* hostapd: Add option to send OBSS scan paramsPaul Stewart2013-11-071-0/+16
* hostapd: Do not change HT40 capability due to OBSS scanJohannes Berg2013-02-091-2/+1
* hostapd: Don't mask out non-symmetric STA HT capsHelmut Schaa2011-06-231-2/+8
* hostapd: Don't force HT Mixed Mode for non-GF STAsHelmut Schaa2011-03-161-7/+1
* hostapd: Allow coexistance of HT BSSes with WEP/TKIP BSSesHelmut Schaa2011-02-211-5/+8
* Fix segfault in hostapd_eid_ht_capabilities() with some driversJouni Malinen2010-09-051-1/+1
* hostapd: enable STBC only for STBC capable STAsHelmut Schaa2010-08-281-2/+10
* Include header files explicitly in *.c, not via header filesJouni Malinen2009-12-251-0/+1
* Rename some src/ap files to avoid duplicate file namesJouni Malinen2009-12-251-3/+3
* Move generic AP functionality implementation into src/apJouni Malinen2009-12-241-0/+261