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* dhcp_snoop: Make IPv4 addresses human readable in debug logJouni Malinen2015-01-301-4/+16
* proxyarp: Validate IPv4 header total length value in dhcp_snoopJouni Malinen2014-11-281-1/+6
* proxyarp: Try multicast-to-unicast conversion only for authorized STAsJouni Malinen2014-11-281-1/+4
* proxyarp: Fix DHCP and ND message structuresJouni Malinen2014-11-251-1/+1
* proxyarp: Use C library header files and CONFIG_IPV6Jouni Malinen2014-11-251-2/+2
* AP: Add support for multicast-to-unicast conversion for DGAF DisableKyeyoon Park2014-11-191-0/+6
* AP: Extend the BSS bridge neighbor entry management to support IPv6Kyeyoon Park2014-11-191-3/+4
* AP: Convert "dhcp_snoop" to use the generic "x_snoop"Kyeyoon Park2014-11-191-48/+3
* AP: Add support for Proxy ARP, DHCP snooping mechanismKyeyoon Park2014-10-271-0/+196