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ChangeLog for wpa_supplicant
+2014-10-09 - v2.3
+ * fixed number of minor issues identified in static analyzer warnings
+ * fixed wfd_dev_info to be more careful and not read beyond the buffer
+ when parsing invalid information for P2P-DEVICE-FOUND
+ * extended P2P and GAS query operations to support drivers that have
+ maximum remain-on-channel time below 1000 ms (500 ms is the current
+ minimum supported value)
+ * added p2p_search_delay parameter to make the default p2p_find delay
+ configurable
+ * improved P2P operating channel selection for various multi-channel
+ concurrency cases
+ * fixed some TDLS failure cases to clean up driver state
+ * fixed dynamic interface addition cases with nl80211 to avoid adding
+ ifindex values to incorrect interface to skip foreign interface events
+ properly
+ * added TDLS workaround for some APs that may add extra data to the
+ end of a short frame
+ * fixed EAP-AKA' message parser with multiple AT_KDF attributes
+ * added configuration option (p2p_passphrase_len) to allow longer
+ passphrases to be generated for P2P groups
+ * fixed IBSS channel configuration in some corner cases
+ * improved HT/VHT/QoS parameter setup for TDLS
+ * modified D-Bus interface for P2P peers/groups
+ * started to use constant time comparison for various password and hash
+ values to reduce possibility of any externally measurable timing
+ differences
+ * extended explicit clearing of freed memory and expired keys to avoid
+ keeping private data in memory longer than necessary
+ * added optional scan_id parameter to the SCAN command to allow manual
+ scan requests for active scans for specific configured SSIDs
+ * fixed CTRL-EVENT-REGDOM-CHANGE event init parameter value
+ * added option to set Hotspot 2.0 Rel 2 update_identifier in network
+ configuration to support external configuration
+ * modified Android PNO functionality to send Probe Request frames only
+ for hidden SSIDs (based on scan_ssid=1)
+ * added generic mechanism for adding vendor elements into frames at
+ * added fields to show unrecognized vendor elements in P2P_PEER
+ * removed EAP-TTLS/MSCHAPv2 interoperability workaround so that
+ MS-CHAP2-Success is required to be present regardless of
+ eap_workaround configuration
+ * modified EAP fast session resumption to allow results to be used only
+ with the same network block that generated them
+ * extended freq_list configuration to apply for sched_scan as well as
+ normal scan
+ * modified WPS to merge mixed-WPA/WPA2 credentials from a single session
+ * fixed nl80211/RTM_DELLINK processing when a P2P GO interface is
+ removed from a bridge
+ * fixed number of small P2P issues to make negotiations more robust in
+ corner cases
+ * added experimental support for using temporary, random local MAC
+ address (mac_addr and preassoc_mac_addr parameters); this is disabled
+ by default (i.e., previous behavior of using permanent address is
+ maintained if configuration is not changed)
+ * added D-Bus interface for setting/clearing WFD IEs
+ * fixed TDLS AID configuration for VHT
+ * modified -m<conf> configuration file to be used only for the P2P
+ non-netdev management device and do not load this for the default
+ station interface or load the station interface configuration for
+ the P2P management interface
+ * fixed external MAC address changes while wpa_supplicant is running
+ * started to enable HT (if supported by the driver) for IBSS
+ * fixed wpa_cli action script execution to use more robust mechanism
+ (CVE-2014-3686)
2014-06-04 - v2.2
* added DFS indicator to get_capability freq
* added/fixed nl80211 functionality