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ChangeLog for wpa_supplicant
+????-??-?? - v2.0
+ * removed Qt3-based wpa_gui (obsoleted by wpa_qui-qt4)
+ * removed unmaintained driver wrappers broadcom, iphone, osx, ralink,
+ hostap, madwifi (hostap and madwifi remain available for hostapd;
+ their wpa_supplicant functionality is obsoleted by wext)
+ * improved debug logging (human readable event names, interface name
+ included in more entries)
+ * changed AP mode behavior to enable WPS only for open and
+ WPA/WPA2-Personal configuration
+ * improved P2P concurrency operations
+ - better coordination of concurrent scan and P2P search operations
+ - avoid concurrent remain-on-channel operation requests by canceling
+ previous operations prior to starting a new one
+ - reject operations that would require multi-channel concurrency if
+ the driver does not support it
+ - add parameter to select whether STA or P2P connection is preferred
+ if the driver cannot support both at the same time
+ - allow driver to indicate channel changes
+ - added optional delay=<search delay in milliseconds> parameter for
+ p2p_find to avoid taking all radio resources
+ - use 500 ms p2p_find search delay by default during concurrent
+ operations
+ - allow all channels in GO Negotiation if the driver supports
+ multi-channel concurrency
+ * added number of small changes to make it easier for static analyzers
+ to understand the implementation
+ * fixed number of small bugs (see git logs for more details)
+ * nl80211: number of updates to use new cfg80211/nl80211 functionality
+ - replace monitor interface with nl80211 commands for AP mode
+ - additional information for driver-based AP SME
+ - STA entry authorization in RSN IBSS
+ * EAP-pwd:
+ - fixed KDF for group 21 and zero-padding
+ - added support for fragmentation
+ - increased maximum number of hunting-and-pecking iterations
+ * avoid excessive Probe Response retries for broadcast Probe Request
+ frames (only with drivers using wpa_supplicant AP mode SME/MLME)
+ * added "GET country" ctrl_iface command
+ * do not save an invalid network block in wpa_supplicant.conf to avoid
+ problems reading the file on next start
+ * send STA connected/disconnected ctrl_iface events to both the P2P
+ group and parent interfaces
+ * added preliminary support for using TLS v1.2 (CONFIG_TLSV12=y)
+ * added "SET pno <1/0>" ctrl_iface command to start/stop preferred
+ network offload with sched_scan driver command
+ * merged in number of changes from Android repository for P2P, nl80211,
+ and build parameters
+ * changed P2P GO mode configuration to use driver capabilities to
+ automatically enable HT operations when supported
+ * added "wpa_cli status wps" command to fetch WPA2-Personal passhrase
+ for WPS use cases in AP mode
+ * EAP-AKA: keep pseudonym identity across EAP exchanges to match EAP-SIM
+ behavior
+ * improved reassociation behavior in cases where association is rejected
+ or when an AP disconnects us to handle common load balancing
+ mechanisms
+ - try to avoid extra scans when the needed information is available
+ * added optional "join" argument for p2p_prov_disc ctrl_iface command
+ * added group ifname to P2P-PROV-DISC-* events
+ * added P2P Device Address to AP-STA-DISCONNECTED event and use
+ p2p_dev_addr parameter name with AP-STA-CONNECTED
+ * added workarounds for WPS PBC overlap detection for some P2P use cases
+ where deployed stations work incorrectly
+ * optimize WPS connection speed by disconnecting prior to WPS scan and
+ by using single channel scans when AP channel is known
+ * PCSC and SIM/USIM improvements:
+ - accept 0x67 (Wrong length) as a response to READ RECORD to fix
+ issues with some USIM cards
+ - try to read MNC length from SIM/USIM
+ - build realm according to 3GPP TS 23.003 with identity from the SIM
+ - allow T1 protocol to be enabled
+ * added more WPS and P2P information available through D-Bus
+ * improve P2P negotiation robustness
+ - extra waits to get ACK frames through
+ - longer timeouts for cases where deployed devices have been
+ identified have issues meeting the specification requirements
+ - more retries for some P2P frames
+ - handle race conditions in GO Negotiation start by both devices
+ - ignore unexpected GO Negotiation Response frame
+ * added support for libnl 3.2 and newer
+ * added P2P persistent group info to P2P_PEER data
+ * maintain a list of P2P Clients for persistent group on GO
+ * AP: increased initial group key handshake retransmit timeout to 500 ms
+ * added optional dev_id parameter for p2p_find
+ * added P2P-FIND-STOPPED ctrl_iface event
+ * fixed issues in WPA/RSN element validation when roaming with ap_scan=1
+ and driver-based BSS selection
+ * do not expire P2P peer entries while connected with the peer in a
+ group
+ * fixed WSC element inclusion in cases where P2P is disabled
+ * AP: added a WPS workaround for mixed mode AP Settings with Windows 7
+ * EAP-SIM/AKA: append realm to pseudonym identity
+ * EAP-SIM/AKA: store pseudonym identity in network configuration to
+ allow it to persist over multiple EAP sessions and wpa_supplicant
+ restarts
+ * EAP-AKA': updated to RFC 5448 (username prefixes changed); note: this
+ breaks interoperability with older versions
+ * added support for WFA Hotspot 2.0
+ - GAS/ANQP to fetch network information
+ - credential configuration and automatic network selections based on
+ credential match with ANQP information
+ * limited PMKSA cache entries to be used only with the network context
+ that was used to create them
+ * adjusted bgscan_simple fast-scan backoff to avoid too frequent
+ background scans
+ * removed ctrl_iface event on P2P PD Response in join-group case
+ * added option to fetch BSS table entry based on P2P Device Address
+ ("BSS p2p_dev_addr=<P2P Device Address>")
+ * added BSS entry age to ctrl_iface BSS command output
+ * added optional MASK=0xH option for ctrl_iface BSS command to select
+ which fields are included in the response
+ * added optional RANGE=ALL|N1-N2 option for ctrl_iface BSS command to
+ fetch information about several BSSes in one call
+ * simplified licensing terms by selecting the BSD license as the only
+ alternative
+ * added "P2P_SET disallow_freq <freq list>" ctrl_iface command to
+ disable channels from P2P use
+ * added p2p_pref_chan configuration parameter to allow preferred P2P
+ channels to be specified
+ * added support for advertising immediate availability of a WPS
+ credential for P2P use cases
+ * optimized scan operations for P2P use cases (use single channel scan
+ for a specific SSID when possible)
+ * EAP-TTLS: fixed peer challenge generation for MSCHAPv2
+ * SME: do not use reassociation after explicit disconnection request
+ (local or a notification from an AP)
+ * added support for sending debug info to Linux tracing (-T on command
+ line)
+ * added support for using Deauthentication reason code 3 as an
+ indication of P2P group termination
+ * added wps_vendor_ext_m1 configuration parameter to allow vendor
+ specific attributes to be added to WPS M1
+ * started using separate TLS library context for tunneled TLS
+ (EAP-PEAP/TLS, EAP-TTLS/TLS, EAP-FAST/TLS) to support different CA
+ certificate configuration between Phase 1 and Phase 2
+ * added optional "auto" parameter for p2p_connect to request automatic
+ GO Negotiation vs. join-a-group selection
+ * added disabled_scan_offload parameter to disable automatic scan
+ offloading (sched_scan)
+ * added optional persistent=<network id> parameter for p2p_connect to
+ allow forcing of a specific SSID/passphrase for GO Negotiation
+ * added support for OBSS scan requests and 20/40 BSS coexistence reports
+ * reject PD Request for unknown group
+ * removed scripts and notes related to Windows binary releases (which
+ have not been used starting from 1.x)
+ * added initial support for WNM operations
+ - Keep-alive based on BSS max idle period
+ - WNM-Sleep Mode
+ * added autoscan module to control scanning behavior while not connected
+ - autoscan_periodic and autoscan_exponential modules
+ * added new WPS NFC ctrl_iface mechanism
+ - added initial support NFC connection handover
+ - removed obsoleted WPS_OOB command (including support for deprecated
+ UFD config_method)
+ * added optional framework for external password storage ("ext:<name>")
+ * wpa_cli: added optional support for controlling wpa_supplicant
+ remotely over UDP (CONFIG_CTRL_IFACE=udp-remote) for testing purposes
+ * wpa_cli: extended tab completion to more commands
+ * changed SSID output to use printf-escaped strings instead of masking
+ of non-ASCII characters
+ - SSID can now be configured in the same format: ssid=P"abc\x00test"
+ * removed default ACM=1 from AC_VO and AC_VI
+ * added optional "ht40" argument for P2P ctrl_iface commands to allow
+ 40 MHz channels to be requested on the 5 GHz band
+ * added optional parameters for p2p_invite command to specify channel
+ when reinvoking a persistent group as the GO
+ * improved FIPS mode builds with OpenSSL
+ - "make fips" with CONFIG_FIPS=y to build wpa_supplicant with the
+ OpenSSL FIPS object module
+ - replace low level OpenSSL AES API calls to use EVP
+ - use OpenSSL keying material exporter when possible
+ - do not export TLS keys in FIPS mode
+ - remove MD5 from CONFIG_FIPS=y builds
+ - use OpenSSL function for PKBDF2 passphrase-to-PSK
+ - use OpenSSL HMAC implementation
+ - mix RAND_bytes() output into random_get_bytes() to force OpenSSL
+ DRBG to be used in FIPS mode
+ - use OpenSSL CMAC implementation
+ * added mechanism to disable TLS Session Ticket extension
+ - a workaround for servers that do not support TLS extensions that
+ was enabled by default in recent OpenSSL versions
+ - tls_disable_session_ticket=1
+ - automatically disable TLS Session Ticket extension by default when
+ using EAP-TLS/PEAP/TTLS (i.e., only use it with EAP-FAST)
+ * changed VENDOR-TEST EAP method to use proper private enterprise number
+ (this will not interoperate with older versions)
+ * disable network block temporarily on authentication failures
+ * improved WPS AP selection during WPS PIN iteration
+ * added support for configuring GCMP cipher for IEEE 802.11ad
+ * added support for Wi-Fi Display extensions
+ - WFD_SUBELEMENT_SET ctrl_iface command to configure WFD subelements
+ - SET wifi_display <0/1> to disable/enable WFD support
+ - WFD service discovery
+ - an external program is needed to manage the audio/video streaming
+ and codecs
+ * optimized scan result use for network selection
+ - use the internal BSS table instead of raw scan results
+ - allow unnecessary scans to be skipped if fresh information is
+ available (e.g., after GAS/ANQP round for Interworking)
+ * added support for 256-bit AES with internal TLS implementation
+ * allow peer to propose channel in P2P invitation process for a
+ persistent group
+ * added disallow_aps parameter to allow BSSIDs/SSIDs to be disallowed
+ from network selection
+ * re-enable the networks disabled during WPS operations
+ * allow P2P functionality to be disabled per interface (p2p_disabled=1)
+ * added secondary device types into P2P_PEER output
+ * added an option to disable use of a separate P2P group interface
+ (p2p_no_group_iface=1)
+ * fixed P2P Bonjour SD to match entries with both compressed and not
+ compressed domain name format and support multiple Bonjour PTR matches
+ for the same key
+ * use deauthentication instead of disassociation for all disconnection
+ operations; this removes the now unused disassociate() wpa_driver_ops
+ callback
+ * optimized PSK generation on P2P GO by caching results to avoid
+ multiple PBKDF2 operations
+ * added okc=1 global configuration parameter to allow OKC to be enabled
+ by default for all network blocks
+ * added a workaround for WPS PBC session overlap detection to avoid
+ interop issues with deployed station implementations that do not
+ remove active PBC indication from Probe Request frames properly
2012-05-10 - v1.0
* bsd: Add support for setting HT values in IFM_MMASK.
* Delay STA entry removal until Deauth/Disassoc TX status in AP mode.