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@@ -978,6 +978,17 @@ own_ip_addr=
# 2 = required; reject authentication if RADIUS server does not include VLAN ID
+# Per-Station AP_VLAN interface mode
+# If enabled, each station is assigned its own AP_VLAN interface.
+# This implies per-station group keying and ebtables filtering of inter-STA
+# traffic (when passed through the AP).
+# If the sta is not assigned to any VLAN, then its AP_VLAN interface will be
+# added to the bridge given by the "bridge" configuration option (see above).
+# Otherwise, it will be added to the per-VLAN bridge.
+# 0 = disabled (default)
+# 1 = enabled
# VLAN interface list for dynamic VLAN mode is read from a separate text file.
# This list is used to map VLAN ID from the RADIUS server to a network
# interface. Each station is bound to one interface in the same way as with