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@@ -96,10 +96,9 @@ CONFIG_EAP_TTLS=y
# EAP-FAST for the integrated EAP server
-# Note: Default OpenSSL package does not include support for all the
-# functionality needed for EAP-FAST. If EAP-FAST is enabled with OpenSSL,
-# the OpenSSL library must be patched (openssl-0.9.9-session-ticket.patch)
-# to add the needed functions.
+# Note: If OpenSSL is used as the TLS library, OpenSSL 1.0 or newer is needed
+# for EAP-FAST support. Older OpenSSL releases would need to be patched, e.g.,
+# with openssl-0.9.8x-tls-extensions.patch, to add the needed functions.
# Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS)