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P2P: Make the default p2p_find delay value configurable
This makes the p2p_find default delay value configurable as p2p_search_delay parameter through the configuration file (and through control interface "SET p2p_search_delay <value>" on the P2P management interface. This parameter controls the number milliseconds of extra delay that is added between search iterations when there is a concurrent operation in progress. This can be used, e.g., p2p_search_delay=100 to make p2p_find friendlier to concurrent operations by avoiding it from taking 100% of the radio resources. The default value is the previous default, i.e., 500 ms. Smaller values can be used to find peers more quickly at the cost of larger effect to concurrent operations while a larger value leaves more time for the concurrent operations at the cost of making device discovery take longer time. The optional p2p_find delay argument can still be used to override the search delay for each search operation. Since the P2P_CONCURRENT_SEARCH_DELAY macro is not used anymore, the driver specific build parameter for bcmdhd from Android.mk is also removed. Similar configuration can now be achieved with p2p_search_delay=0 in the p2p0 interface configuration file. Signed-off-by: Jouni Malinen <jouni@qca.qualcomm.com>
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@@ -554,6 +554,13 @@ set country <two character country code>
Set country code (this is included in some P2P messages).
+set p2p_search_delay <delay>
+Set p2p_search_delay which adds extra delay in milliseconds between
+concurrent search iterations to make p2p_find friendlier to concurrent
+operations by avoiding it from taking 100% of radio resources. The
+default value is 500 ms.
p2p_peers [discovered]