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ChangeLog for wpa_supplicant
+2015-03-15 - v2.4
+ * allow OpenSSL cipher configuration to be set for internal EAP server
+ (openssl_ciphers parameter)
+ * fixed number of small issues based on hwsim test case failures and
+ static analyzer reports
+ * P2P:
+ - add new=<0/1> flag to P2P-DEVICE-FOUND events
+ - add passive channels in invitation response from P2P Client
+ - enable nl80211 P2P_DEVICE support by default
+ - fix regresssion in disallow_freq preventing search on social
+ channels
+ - fix regressions in P2P SD query processing
+ - try to re-invite with social operating channel if no common channels
+ in invitation
+ - allow cross connection on parent interface (this fixes number of
+ use cases with nl80211)
+ - add support for P2P services (P2PS)
+ - add p2p_go_ctwindow configuration parameter to allow GO CTWindow to
+ be configured
+ * increase postponing of EAPOL-Start by one second with AP/GO that
+ supports WPS 2.0 (this makes it less likely to trigger extra roundtrip
+ of identity frames)
+ * add support for PMKSA caching with SAE
+ * add support for control mesh BSS (IEEE 802.11s) operations
+ * fixed number of issues with D-Bus P2P commands
+ * fixed regression in ap_scan=2 special case for WPS
+ * fixed macsec_validate configuration
+ * add a workaround for incorrectly behaving APs that try to use
+ EAPOL-Key descriptor version 3 when the station supports PMF even if
+ PMF is not enabled on the AP
+ * allow TLS v1.1 and v1.2 to be negotiated by default; previous behavior
+ of disabling these can be configured to work around issues with broken
+ servers with phase1="tls_disable_tlsv1_1=1 tls_disable_tlsv1_2=1"
+ * add support for Suite B (128-bit and 192-bit level) key management and
+ cipher suites
+ * add WMM-AC support (WMM_AC_ADDTS/WMM_AC_DELTS)
+ * improved BSS Transition Management processing
+ * add support for neighbor report
+ * add support for link measurement
+ * fixed expiration of BSS entry with all-zeros BSSID
+ * add optional LAST_ID=x argument to LIST_NETWORK to allow all
+ configured networks to be listed even with huge number of network
+ profiles
+ * add support for EAP Re-Authentication Protocol (ERP)
+ * fixed EAP-IKEv2 fragmentation reassembly
+ * improved PKCS#11 configuration for OpenSSL
+ * set stdout to be line-buffered
+ * add TDLS channel switch configuration
+ * add support for MAC address randomization in scans with nl80211
+ * enable HT for IBSS if supported by the driver
+ * add BSSID black and white lists (bssid_blacklist, bssid_whitelist)
+ * add support for domain_suffix_match with GnuTLS
+ * add OCSP stapling client support with GnuTLS
+ * include peer certificate in EAP events even without a separate probe
+ operation; old behavior can be restored with cert_in_cb=0
+ * add peer ceritficate alt subject name to EAP events
+ * add domain_match network profile parameter (similar to
+ domain_suffix_match, but full match is required)
+ * enable AP/GO mode HT Tx STBC automatically based on driver support
+ * add ANQP-QUERY-DONE event to provide information on ANQP parsing
+ status
+ * allow passive scanning to be forced with passive_scan=1
+ * add a workaround for Linux packet socket behavior when interface is in
+ bridge
+ * increase 5 GHz band preference in BSS selection (estimate SNR, if info
+ not available from driver; estimate maximum throughput based on common
+ HT/VHT/specific TX rate support)
+ * add INTERWORKING_ADD_NETWORK ctrl_iface command; this can be used to
+ implement Interworking network selection behavior in upper layers
+ software components
+ * add optional reassoc_same_bss_optim=1 (disabled by default)
+ optimization to avoid unnecessary Authentication frame exchange
+ * extend TDLS frame padding workaround to cover all packets
+ * allow wpa_supplicant to recover nl80211 functionality if the cfg80211
+ module gets removed and reloaded without restarting wpa_supplicant
+ * allow hostapd DFS implementation to be used in wpa_supplicant AP mode
2014-10-09 - v2.3
* fixed number of minor issues identified in static analyzer warnings
* fixed wfd_dev_info to be more careful and not read beyond the buffer