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wpa_supplicant: Increase authentication timeout if CAC is started
Timeout is increased by dfs_cac_ms from channel data, or by max CAC time (10 minutes) if dfs_cac_ms is not defined. This is needed for some more complex cases, e.g., when STA is acting as an active slave with DFS offload enabled and decided to start CAC after receiving CONNECT command, in such a case the 10 second timeout is too small and wpa_supplicant need to wait for CAC completion or CAC timeout (up to 10 minutes). Without such timeout modification wpa_supplicant will be unable to connect to an AP on DFS channel, since the default authentication timeout (10 s) is smaller than the minimum CAC time (60 s). Tested with nl80211 DFS offload implementation. Signed-off-by: Dmitry Lebed <dlebed@quantenna.com>
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