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tests: Add remote directory to tests
Add tests/remote directory and files: config.py - handle devices/setup_params table run-tests.py - run test cases test_devices.py - run basic configuration tests You can add own configuration file, by default this is cfg.py, and put there devices and setup_params definition in format you can find in config.py file. You can use -c option or just create cfg.py file. Print available devices/test_cases: ./run-tests.py Check devices (ssh connection, authorized_keys, interfaces): ./run-test.py -t devices Run sanity tests (test_sanity_*): ./run-test.py -d <dut_name> -t sanity Run all tests: ./run-tests.py -d <dut_name> -t all Run test_A and test_B: ./run-tests.py -d <dut_name> -t "test_A, test_B" Set reference device, and run sanity tests: ./run-tests.py -d <dut_name> -r <ref_name> -t sanity Multiple duts/refs/monitors could be setup: e.g. ./run-tests.py -d <dut_name> -r <ref1_name> -r <ref2_name> -t sanity Monitor could be set like this: ./run-tests.py -d <dut_name> -t sanity -m all -m <standalone_monitor> You can also add filters to tests you would like to run ./run-tests.py -d <dut_name> -t all -k wep -k g_only ./run-tests.py -d <dut_name> -t all -k VHT80 ./run-test.py doesn't start/terminate wpa_supplicant or hostpad, test cases are resposible for that, while we don't know test case requirements. Restart (-R) trace (-T) and perf (-P) options available. This request trace/perf logs from the hosts (if possible). As parameters each test case get: - devices - table of available devices - setup_params - duts - names of DUTs should be tested - refs - names of reference devices should be used - monitors - names of monitors list Each test could return append_text. Signed-off-by: Janusz Dziedzic <janusz.dziedzic@tieto.com>
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