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* Updated WE-18 header files with bug fixes to WPA functionality neededJouni Malinen2004-08-301-28/+61
* Added Linux wireless extensions version 17 and 18. These have not yetJouni Malinen2004-08-283-0/+2255
* Added header files for new versions of Linux wireless extensions.Jouni Malinen2004-08-283-0/+1702
* Modify all files including wireless.h or iw_handler.h to use test versionJouni Malinen2002-10-121-8/+5
* Use proper net/iw_handler.h version depending on the wireless extensionsJouni Malinen2002-10-121-2/+15
* Added different net/iw_handler.h for test compilation.Jouni Malinen2002-10-122-0/+824
* Added wireless ext ver 15 header for testing.Jouni Malinen2002-09-121-0/+693
* Renamed driver/prism2.mk to driver/hostap.mk, driver/modules/prism2_*Jouni Malinen2002-07-201-3/+7
* Added WIRELESS_EXT v14 for compilation tests.Jouni Malinen2002-06-161-0/+669
* Added wireless ext 13 header file for test compilation.Jouni Malinen2002-06-141-0/+599
* Updated for compiling PC Card, PCI, and PLX versions.prism2_gpl_2002_04_21Jouni Malinen2002-04-211-1/+1
* Added automatic testing script for testing compilation with differentJouni Malinen2002-04-087-0/+2776