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* Fixed compilation (u64 definition).Jouni Malinen2003-04-141-3/+1
* Renamed driver/prism2.mk to driver/hostap.mk, driver/modules/prism2_*Jouni Malinen2002-07-201-1/+1
* Added new monitor mode 3 (like mode 2, but also include linux-wlan-ngJouni Malinen2002-06-065-337/+156
* Added include headers to fix compilation (due to prism2_wlan.h changes).Jouni Malinen2002-05-281-0/+2
* Fixed path to prism2_wlan.h to match with new directory structure.Jouni Malinen2002-03-271-1/+1
* Fixed multiple pointer to 32/16-bit value reads.Jouni Malinen2001-12-171-17/+17
* Added short instructions about compiling the tools.Jouni Malinen2001-09-261-0/+23
* Added check_wiretap target to check whether wiretap library is available.Jouni Malinen2001-09-261-1/+11
* Fixed usage instructions.Jouni Malinen2001-09-262-2/+3
* Added preliminary version of prism2ethereal: a tool to dump 802.11Jouni Malinen2001-09-252-1/+175
* Added user space part of the 802.11 header sniffing and parsing.Jouni Malinen2001-09-244-0/+1210