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* Add support for configuring different pairwise cipher suites for RSN/WPA2Jouni Malinen2007-08-041-6/+10
* IEEE 802.11r/D6.0 removed AES-CMAC capability bit (bit6) from RSNJouni Malinen2007-05-191-8/+0
* removed DGTK/DHV processing since this was removed from IEEE 802.11w/D2.0.Jouni Malinen2007-04-211-7/+0
* Allow AES-128-CMAC to be used even in non-FT case since IEEE 802.11r/D5.0Jouni Malinen2007-03-251-3/+3
* Updated my email address jkmaline@cc.hut.fi to j@w1.fi since the HUTJouni Malinen2007-03-091-1/+1
* Renamed wpa_gen_wpa_ie() to wpa_auth_gen_wpa_ie() to avoid a conflict withJouni Malinen2007-02-251-1/+1
* Share the ame wpa_parse_wpa_ie_rsn() function by moving it to wpa_common.cJouni Malinen2007-02-251-177/+5
* Replace u8[4] arrays with u32 in WPA/RSN selector processing to clean upJouni Malinen2007-02-251-125/+60
* Moved WPA/RSN selectors into wpa_common.c so that linking of wpa_auth_ie.cJouni Malinen2007-02-251-45/+30
* Cleanup to bring WPA IE code in hostapd and wpa_supplicant moreJouni Malinen2007-02-031-25/+78
* Moved wpa_parse_generic() and wpa_parse_kde_ies() in to the end of theJouni Malinen2007-02-031-123/+123
* Added os_ prefixes to common C library calls as a step towards mergingJouni Malinen2007-02-031-79/+84
* Unified macro names for RSN and vendor specific IE numbers by removingJouni Malinen2006-12-271-5/+5
* Use WPA_{GET,PUT}_{BE,LE}*() instead of local constructions withJouni Malinen2006-12-271-17/+13
* Cleaned up RSN definitions by moving the shared structures and definesJouni Malinen2006-12-271-6/+4
* Added support for using AES-128-CMAC for EAPOL-Key messages when using FT.Jouni Malinen2006-12-271-0/+8
* Added preliminary support for IEEE 802.11r/D4.0 FT base protocol:Jouni Malinen2006-12-261-18/+20
* Add MDIE into (Re)Association Request in the supplicant/MLME andJouni Malinen2006-12-041-1/+19
* Clean up wpa.c:Jouni Malinen2006-12-041-0/+968